We have a vast experience of students visa in various institutions overseas, we understand the challenges that are faced by those aspiring to study overseas. Keeping in mind the needs of such students, we have a planned process in such a manner that every single task starting from admission to visa to making travel arrangements is smooth and hassle free.

Our Professionally dedicated team is there to help our clients with every stage of the process. Our office can arrange to take instructions from our experts in Canada, UK, USA, Australia. New Zealand, Singapore & European Countries prepare the necessary documentation such as Offer letters for students, sponsorship declaration, accommodation certificate, work permits etc.

Our company provides high standard of quality education, excellent living conditions and a tolerant multicultural society. Our team is well groomed to efficiently process the applications through the complex setup of formalities. We strive to offer accurate and time saving admissions information that is backed by solid research. Our personalized university selection services are tailor made to fit your needs around your schedule.

Selection of a course :

We assist you in choosing the destination, course and institution that matches your personal circumstances such as academic, employment and financial background. While assisting you make these choices we will also take into consideration your long term goals such as your career aspirations.

University and College selection:

Our database provides access to over 1000 courses in more than 250 colleges in different countries viz: Canada, USA, UK, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Switzerland, and , Germany & Ireland, Georgia, Ukraine & other parts of Europe. We strive hard to offer professional advice, accurate and time saving admissions information that is backed by our solid research.

Getting admission:

The admission process of a chosen education institution can often be a confusing process. At DPS we are there to help make things easier for you. We also coordinate with the relevant institution admission office on your behalf to ensure the process progresses as efficiently as possible.

Student visa:

We provide complete assistance with student visa applications. This includes providing advice on the documentation required for the student visa, lodging the student visa application and coordinating the same on your behalf with the concerned visa office.

Travel arrangements:

Through our association with leading hospitality service providers, we take care of all your travel needs including air ticketing, foreign exchange, travel insurance & Hotels.

Pre landing training :

Before landing in the country of your choice, appropriate training is provided to help you migrate abroad. You will be prepared for the questions asked by the immigration officer, declaration of funds and the permissible weight limits while traveling.

Post landing Training :

Upon landing at the airport, students will need to complete certain formalities related to the customs department. Post landing training will also be provided by our experts, which will help students meet the obligatory requirements needed for migrating to the country of their choice.

Success delivered :

Students guided by DPS, have a distinct winning edge and benefit immensely from our close association with domestic and international recruiters. They also benefit from our in-depth knowledge of the international job market and all relevant rules and regulations that govern students while overseas.